My Print Shop is Now Open!

Hello! Big announcement! My Etsy Shop is open!

This print, of a red squirrel with tufted ears holding a bouquet of tulips, is now available in my Etsy Shop. This is a handmade print (made by me!). Each one is unique and each one has minor imperfections. I am, after all, only human!

I am sorry to say that the framed ones have already sold out, but I will have two more framed ones available on or before Friday, May 15th. In the meantime, there are a few loose prints available, and more will become available soon. I can only sell as many prints as I can mail, and boxes and envelopes in my neighbourhood are currently in short supply.

The red squirrel, native to Scotland (and other parts of Northern Europe and Siberia), began to see drastic decreases in its population in recent years, specifically in Great Britain, Ireland, and Italy. This was largely due to the introduction (by humans) of the eastern grey squirrel (native to North America), which carries a disease that kills red squirrels. However, thanks to commendable conservation efforts, the red squirrel population has begun to stabilize in Scotland. This print is a celebration of the hope that comes with spring and the resilience of even the smallest among us in this world. It makes for a lovely gift, or a whimsical wall hanging, and has been used to send greetings and condolences alike.

Lastly, opening up shop while living in Queens, a borough of New York City devastatingly impacted by COVID-19, has come with its own mental, emotional, and physical challenges. Due to this, I am currently only shipping within the U.S.. I am terribly sorry about this, and I hope to remedy the situation soon.

Red Squirrel with Tulip Bouquet by Mary Clare Blake-Booth


  1. Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop finally. Your print is lovely. I loved learning about the red squirrel. I have seen grey, red and black. Good luck with your venture of passion! Jeanette

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